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welcome to notami house

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

We're all just walking each other home.' — Ram Dass

Hello reader,

After many attempts of starting this blog, I am excitedly welcoming you to notami house with an idea of a magical space to create, express and share my writing, learnings and experiences to connect and potentially help others with my perspective on things.

Join me as I explore creative writing, marketing, life, struggles and good things in between. My intentions are that this space acts as a stepping stone for all the goals and desires that you may have, and to share what I have learned in the hope that what I have shared helps you realize what you truly want in life or finding things you'd like to do yourself.

As we all walk each other home, we share, care, connect, explore, reconnect, give, receive and get you to where want to be with all the things you so richly deserve. With that said, I invite you reach out and look around.

With love and joy,

Elaine Agnite

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