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how to best jumpstart your blog

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

According to Tech Target, "a blog (short for weblog) is a personal online journal that is frequently updated and intended for general public consumption."

Since the start of the internet, I think everyone has asked to themselves at least once:

"Should I make my own blog?"

My response to this question that has also marred my mind for years is... yes. My question to you is what is it that makes you ask this question? Are you a qualified smarty-pants looking to impart some wisdom to the niche you're in? Do you have a certain experience in work, school, or life that you've seen no one else talk about? Maybe you're a creative who has a knack for showing others how to draw... cartoon sugar gliders. Either way, if you can answer this question you are half-way there, my friend.

I am also assuming you want to monetize so let's get started. Here are the resources I used, steps and links to get you started today:

1. Get crystal clear on the value you will give with your blog

  • What is the value you are bringing to a person when posting an article, or creating content (video, images, info-graphs) make it clear what your offering

  • What are the products, if any, are you offering that will add value to their life

  • What separates the way you present things from other people offering the same thing

  • I would write at least three blog post in short form (500 words), ideas:

    • Welcome to (your blog)! - Why you started it etc.

    • A little about you and some video or picture content if possible

    • How you hope to add value and helps other (be thoughtful and as long as your heart is in the right place - post it)

2. Create your blog and choose a web hosting platform (I have tried most of these but find your preference - everyone is a little different so I've included my bits of info on what I like)

  • WordPress - For people that are more technically skilled (HTML, CSS) , there is a lot of room to play and reward for those that take the time to use it. When I first started blogging I used WordPpress

  • Bluehost - I did branding for a close friend way back who used Bluehost to start his blog and it was great easy to customize and the standard host for most blogs

  • - What I used to create this website. To me, wix is more intuitive and easy to use but it is a matter of preference

3. Begin posting

  • Write, write, write and produce, produce, produce your content. Part of the reason I started this blog was because I was starving creatively. I love writing but frankly, I just wasn't doing enough of it. However, a lot of my apprehension to not doing it before was simply that I was afraid of what other people thought. I am here to say: have courage and faith in the people that are waiting for you to write, produce, create whatever it is you care about. Think about it as your chance to do what you finally want to do, but be a professional about it.

  • Use Canva Pro - Create graphics and edit images like a pro this changed my marketing collateral game. I started with trial for work and I still have it to this day and it's helps me design my brand kit and all that you see on my website

  • Adobe Creative Suite - I also have Adobe Creative Suite, we all know this is the industry standard if you're a student I highly recommend getting hot & heavy in Adobe as this is an in demand skillset for corporate creatives

4. Look into these basic ways to monetize:

  • Affiliate marketing:

    • Click Bank

    • Click funnels

    • CJ affiliate

  • Paid ads marketing:

  • Email marketing:

Monetizing your blog from the beginning or even your store can be a great way to keep the flow going - and can allow for additional income to the value you bring others through writing, ideas, content! I suggest adding traffic from social media.

In all, this is your starter kit for starting your blog. I wish you the best of luck.

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