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film "Parasite" is placed in a new genre called Revolutionary Gothic

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

According to The Outline, "An emergent genre explores how class conflict is always part ghost story, and how the only answer is insurrection."

This is my most favorite genre. The things that bother us the most are the most difficult to talk about. Cruelty, pleasure, friendship, betrayal, unrequited love, death, crime and distress are a few themes that come to mind when the word gothic is thrown out. To add revolutionary as a descriptive word only amplifies the emotions that are inferred.

More relevant now, is this antagonism that exist between capitalism and equality; between race and social terrors; but also living a meaningful life and existing (on earth - yes, that includes climate change too). I feel that this genre speaks to the fallible norms in the society the film addresses therefore making it revolutionary and in many instances feels cathartic for the viewers. Supernatural storylines of crime, sardonicism, satire and avarice are the epitome of gothic film.

Photograph Courtesy NEON

While the term revolutionary gothic may have just turned into a genre, I do not believe that this film is the only film to be considered revolutionary gothic. I also consider films from Jordan Peele to be on the revolutionary gothic genre. Most recently, Black Phone with Ethan Hawk.

I look forward to seeing more films of this nature, even if I do find myself shutting my eyes in fear of the next clip. Allowing space for this expression raises questions which spark conversations and ultimately, drives change.

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