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hello there

My name is Elaine Agnite. 

I am creative writer and marketer excited to help you bring a meaningful and modern twist on your business' marketing. I provide an extensive choice of design services to help turn my clients’ visions into realities. Get in touch today and discover how I can transform the most abstract concept into something exceptional.

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story time

Once upon a time, my professional career began in marketing with a medium-sized manufacturing firm as coordinator. With a desire to learn more about marketing, I picked up some books, took courses and reached out to non-profits to put my newfound knowledge to use while honing my craft. By helping to build brands and campaigns for small and big businesses alike, I noticed I developed an insight and an opinion on modern marketing.

I noticed a need in a timeless resource for small businesses who wanted to grow but didn't know where to start. I began researching, creating lists and templates for friends then lists turned to guides. By helping those close to me with small businesses, I was able to create easy action lists and guides on how to grow no matter where they are starting from, and especially if they were alone at their computer. My main philosophy in writing and marketing is "have a vision." I created notami from the Latin word, notam which means brand or note and epiphany which in the same language means  "festival of the manifestation of the God". After a few iterations, I went with notami because let's be honest notamphany sounds a little strange.

In all, welcome. I invite you to take a look around and please have a notamphany, or two.



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